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Process Type Plugin Save Tab Form with Procedure

Save Tab Form with Procedure

Categories: Process Type Plugin
Author: Björn Wächter

Easily save changes in a Tab Form with a procedure

 Normaly there is only the ApplyMRU process in a tabular form available to save the changes made. With this plugin you can easily send the changes to a procedure and process it there.

No need to think about the variables APEX_Application.g_fxx and how they are mapped to the columns.




1. Create Tabular Form
2. Delete ApplyMRU process (Step1.jpeg, Step2.jpeg)
3. Create new process with the plugin (Step3.jpeg - Step8.jpeg)
4. Give the procedure name you want to use. Must not exist at this time (Step7.jpeg)
5. Run Page and enable Debug mode (Step9.jpeg)
6. Submit Page. Will result in an error message (Step10.jpeg, Step11.jpeg)
7. Open debug window and search CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE... entry (Step11.jpeg, Step12.jpeg)
8. Use the text in the debug log to create the procedure for the saving process.
  To get the line feeds in the procedure definition. Select the text in the debug log and select
  "show selection source" from your browser. (Step13.jpeg)
9. Create your procedure (Step14.jpeg)
10. Now everything is ready to go. You only have the create the code in the procedure as you like.


The images are here:


Tabular Form Procedure

Oracle APEX Plugin
Date added: 24.8.2011
Views: 4925
Votes: 3
Reviews: 9
Min. APEX Version:
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Question about parameter p_chk$01
by Alice Gheorghiu
on August 6, 2013
I successfully installed and configure the plug-in for saving values from a tabular form.
I am ready to fill in the blanks with the code, and cannot figure out what is p_chk$01. Is it the mode, insert, update, delete, and if yes, how do I pass the values to it ?, I wish to do different things in updated and insert modes ( for insert I would like to put a row in another table with one of the parameters being a page item).
Thank you so much!
Can't get it to work
by Stew Stryker
on May 29, 2012
And I don't have time to keep playing with it. The first restriction I figured out was that the update stored procedure has to be in the same database schema as the Apex app, which is a security risk we're not willing to take.

Then it looks like the form values are being passed to the wrong procedure parameters. I confirmed this with a test update procedure that logged the parameter values. My first guess was that this plug-in would work if the database table was in the Apex workspace schema, but I didn't take any more time to test that theory, as it wouldn't be useful to me anyway.
References custom package PKG_UTILS?
by Stew Stryker
on May 29, 2012

I just tried installing your plug-in, but it references a package that I'm guessing is custom to your setup? Line 111 of the PL/SQL Code source references PKG_UTILS.LOG function, which isn't provided on my Oracle 11gR2 database with the Apex 4.0.1 installation.

I'll just comment it out or change it to use a local logging function I've written.

Thanks for providing this,

Answer for Carlos
by Björn Wächter
on September 20, 2011
Hi Carlos,

you can run the process depending on the button that was pressed. What happens in the procedure is your choice. If you do an update, insert or delete in the procedure is your choice. Of course you have to put some code into the NULL in Step14.jpg.
Save Tab Form
by Carlos Mario Toro Franco
on September 20, 2011
Hello Björn Wächter,
My English is not good. Question.
How do I know the kind of statement that I use, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE?. Is there a state that should be handled on the block?
Export from Version 4.0
by Björn Wächter
on September 16, 2011
Hi Alejandro,

sorry the export was from a 4.1 system where i tried the plugin. I uploaded an export from my 4.0 development system now. So I hope this should work now on 4.0 and 4.1
September 16, 2011
The Entry has been updated in the meantime!
by Alejandro
on September 1, 2011
Hi Björn Wächter.

Version 4.0 can not create step 4 (associate plugin) and your workspace is 4.1 BWC this utility is not in version 4.0.

Thank you for your attention.

Happy day.
APEX 4.0 also
by Björn Wächter
on August 31, 2011
Hi Alejandro,

The plugin is also for 4.0
I use it on 4.0 in different projects.
Do you have problems in 4.0 ?
by Alejandro
on August 31, 2011
Only developer 4.1 :(
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