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Process Type Plugin External Table Processor

External Table Processor

Categories: Process Type Plugin
Author: Michael Kutz

The External Table Processor [ETP] plugin is a Process type plugin that allows APEX to use a predefined EXTERNAL TABLE to process a "File Browse.." Item.

The plugin does the following:
  • obtains a lock for the given EXTERNAL TABLE
  • copies data from WWV_FLOW_FILES to disk.
  • ALTER the EXTERNAL TABLE to point to the new file
  • parses, binds, and runs the PL/SQL code.
  • removes files from WWV_FLOW_FILES and/or file system
  • releases lock on COMMIT/ROLLBACK;

Security Note
This plugin uses the DBMS_LOCK package to serialize access to the EXTERNAL TABLE.


Workspace Schema needs:

  • EXECUTE ON DBMS_LOCK (for importing the Plugin)

Parsing Schema needs:

  • READ,WRITE ON DIRECTORY <directory that holds files>
  • READ,EXECUTE ON DIRECTORY <direcotry for pre-processor> (opt)
  • ALTER TABLE ON <external table> (to change LOCATION)

external table,APEX

Oracle APEX Plugin
Date added: 3.9.2014
Views: 2975
Votes: 0
Reviews: 2
Min. APEX Version:
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by Michael Kutz
on November 5, 2014

1) I'm already wrapping the SQL with BEGIN..END;
For the current version, a simple line:
should suffice.

2) I'm binding IN variables only. Your example expects the bind to be an OUT.

Example SQL would be:
-- I usually call a procedure to do the processing.
my_schema.myPkg.process_me( p_options_in => :P2_SELECT_LIST );

I've got a few other improvements to make.
Thanks for the input!

bind variables
by Kieron
on October 6, 2014
Hello Michael,
I've given this plugin a good go and it's working very well indeed. I did have a question about bind variables and the pl/sql "run after file has been uploaded" bit.

1. When you don't have any pl/sql it gives an error even though it's an optional field (can just put a BEGIN NULL; END; in so all good.
2. When I use bind variables it's giving me an error (buffer too small). When I look at the debug it's because it's sending in P2_BIND => "". What's the correct syntax to use for the bind variables in the pl/sql? At the moment I've got:

:P2_ERROR_CODE := 1;

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