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Item Plugin Options Map

Options Map

Categories: Item Plugin
Author: Ivan Zderadicka

Multiselect with hiearchical options

When one level is chosen, it hides all children, because they are considered to be included in this choice. We used this item for regional coverage, for instance.
This plugin uses data from a table which must contain following columns: ID of the options, name of the options and ID of parent options.
It takes some space on screen (which was design intent), but then user has relatively easy way how to choose all relevant   options.
It is designed as well behaving APEX item, so can be used as read only, disabled, hidden etc.
Credits to my colleague Martin Pokorny for an idea how this item plugin  should look like.

multiselect hiearachical options

Oracle APEX Plugin
Date added: 7.1.2013
Views: 3501
Votes: 0
Reviews: 3
Min. APEX Version:
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Re: Problems
by Ivan Zderadicka
on September 18, 2013

root item id should be numeric id of root in the hierarchy, this one should exist in table/view in column specified by id column.
ORA-00936: missing expression
Cause of Error

You tried to execute an SQL statement but you omitted a part of the syntax.

SQL id dynamically created based on plugin properties - make sure you fill them all.

Can try to add dbg output of constructed query to plugin code.

RE: Problems
by Tom Conte
on September 17, 2013

Please disregard item 2 on my previous post. Each item that is checked is showing up. I was submitting the page item to another page to cause a report to be filtered. Since the list is : separated and passed on the URL it was not passing more than the first 2 id's.

I am still attempting to see if I have caused the problem described in item 1. I don't think so though.
by Tom Conte
on September 16, 2013

I have downloaded and been testing your plugin. I have run into several problems with the plugin.

1. Anytime I specify a Root Record Page Item I receive an Ora 936.

2. Anytime I click more than 2 items I only end up with 2 items being placed in the page item. I was expecting the list to contain the value of all selected items.

I would love to use this plugin as it will make my multiselect requirement much easier for the users to understand.

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