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Dynamic Action Plugin Form Validator

Form Validator

Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Guido Zeelen

Two plug-ins:

  1. A dynamic action plug-in which provides client-side form validation. The validation rules are based on the Apex Dictionary, like required items, number items (min/max values) and date items.
    When an item contains the text "#NO_VALIDATION_RULES#" in the comments, no validation rule will be implemented.
  2. A dynamic action plug-in which provides a remote client-side form validation rule.
    This plugin requires the Form Validator plug-in.
See the readme files in the zip file for instructions.

form,validate,client,remote,rule, Validation

Form Validator
Form Validator
Date added: 30.7.2010
Views: 8538
Votes: 2
Reviews: 5
Min. APEX Version:
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Stopping nextt proces
by raoul mangoensentono
on January 23, 2013
Hi Guido,

I got it to activate, but can u help me how to get the next proces stopping if validations get activated.

Not activating
by raoul mangoensentono
on January 23, 2013
Hi Guido,

I have installed the plugin and created a dynamic action, but my forms are not getting validated.
I am working in apex 4.1.1.
I tried with dynamic action on a button and one on page load. Nothing is working.

Tnx in advance,
validations against collections
by Karen
on June 23, 2012
Hi, I recently posted a question to the oracle apex forum, and the response was to use the FORM VALIDATOR plugin that you developed. Unfortunately, I am not able to get it to work and wondered if I was doing something wrong, or am using it beyond the scope.

The link to the question is:

I am also happy to explain via email, but let me know which you prefer. thanks! Karen
Re: validate form without submitting
by Guido Zeelen
on April 18, 2011
Hello Frank,

You can validate the form, without submitting, by using the following javascript statement:
The statement returns a boolean: true when the form is valid and false if not.
If the form is invalid, all invalid field will be highlighted.

Kind regards,
validate form without submitting
by frank
on April 18, 2011

Is is possible to validate a form region but not submitting it ?
I want to use this in an accordion. When navigating to the next step the last one must be validated but not submitted?
Can this plugin hande that or do i always have to submit the form?

regards Frank
December 4, 2010
The Entry has been updated in the meantime!
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