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Dynamic Action Plugin ClariFit IR Column Grouping

ClariFit IR Column Grouping

Categories: Dynamic Action Plugin
Author: Clarifit

Note: This plugin is now available on GitHub (https://github.com/ClariFit/apex_plugins). Feel free to fork the project, make changes, then push the changes back to the main project: https://help.github.com/articles/fork-a-repo 

Read the Help Text for full instructions on how to implement.

Change Log:

- Changes to JS. Fix bug when first few column groups are empty followed by a column group. See Roel's comment on 15-DEC-2010: http://www.talkapex.com/2010/12/column-groups-in-apex-40-interactive.html
- Added additional debug information in JS file.

- Changes to JS. Fixed issue when you uncheck all options available to column in "Allow Users To:"
- Use updated console wrapper file.

- JS: Fixed issue of error when no rows found
- JS: Changed references of $ jQuery namespace to apex.jQuery
- Updated license information 

Interactive Report, IR, Group, Clarifit

Company: ClariFit
Date added: 13.12.2010
Views: 10608
Votes: 13
Reviews: 7
Min. APEX Version:
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JS: Fixed issue of error when no rows
on September 24, 2014
it's still not working, moreover, when I change it for a graphic repport I get the same issue. tks
July 5, 2013
The Entry has been updated in the meantime!
No working with control breakup
by Muhammad Usman
on January 23, 2013
when we use Control Breakup option from the actions format, All the grouping disappears.
Kindly fix the issue
Help file
by Raghunath Sana
on April 12, 2012
Where can I find the help file to use this plugin ??
by Daniel
on January 23, 2012

I installed the plug-in and tried to generate the report .
It is not working. Can anyone provide the instructions to implement this?

Unable to find Help or Instructions
by Suzi Henley
on January 6, 2012
Please advise where I can find help document or instructions on how to implement.
problem in column break up
by Muhammad Usman
on October 20, 2011
i have successfully achieve the column group functionality in my report. i thanks for the support.
Currently i am facing the problem that when i break the interactive report
(Action button -> format -> control break) , column grouping disappears.

kindly help
June 12, 2011
The Entry has been updated in the meantime!
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