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Oracle APEX Plugin

Text Area Enlarger

4Reviews: 3 Downloads:
APEX 4.0
Views: 2819
Author: Petri Company:ALTRAN AT
The content of a text area APEX Item is transfered into a new text area inside a popup-dialog that coveres a wide screen area, so that the content can be read/edited more easily. Afterwards, the content is transfered back into the original text area item.


10Reviews: 8 Downloads:
APEX 5.0
Views: 2489
Categories: Process Type Plugin
Author: MirMas Company: Mirmas
In fact mimimal APEX version needed is 5.1.
Plugin saves files uploaded with File Browse item to server disk instead to APEX_APPLICATION_TEMP_FILES table. You could find saving to disk more practical. Also you can save some DB space. Saving DB space could be important when using Oracle XE.

Modal LOV IG

0Reviews: 0 Downloads:
APEX 5.0
Views: 4630
Categories: Item Plugin
This plugin uses only on Interactive Grid (APEX 5.1.1 and later).

Google OrganizatioN Charts

0Reviews: 0 Downloads:
APEX 4.0
Views: 2634
Categories: Region Plugin
Author: John Keymer Company: Beyond Systems Ltd
Render an organization chart using the Google Chart API.

Search Navigation Menu

0Reviews: 5 Downloads:
APEX 5.0
Views: 3486
Categories: Item Plugin
Author: Andrej Company: Abakus Plus d.o.o.
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